global warming is a lie

If You Still Believe In Global Warming

If you still think Global Warming is real, then you watch too much TV and don’t do enough research on your own. When was the last time the mainstream media or the Government told you the truth about something? Seriously? What if they were hiding something bigger that will cause massive starvation and die offs […]


CFL Vs LED Bulbs

Go Green? If someone told you that CFL, aka Compact Florescent Light Bulbs were good for your energy bill and the environment would you buy them? You wouldn’t want to not be “green” now would you? What if they cost more than a normal indecent bulb but they lasted forever? Might just be worth the […]

cia owns media

The News Is Fake Acting

Many of you know this already but the news is all scripted fake acting. News reporters across the entire nation get the same script to read to you in your local area. This psychological warfare operation has been going on for decades, but only recently with the internet and the ability to watch several local […]

best hot sauce

The Best Hot Sauce

Some of you are going to love this and some of you are going to hate it. As someone who is addicted to hot sauce I thought I should share my list with you and let you vote on your favorite. These are all hot sauces I keep stocked in my house. Well except for […]

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Desert Rain Frog World Cutest Frog

The Worlds Cutest Frog aka the Desert Rain Frog. The actual name is Breviceps Macrops. I mean you have to admit this guy is adorable! Based on photos from around the web I would say this one is a baby. And I know what you’re thinking! Can you buy a Desert Frog? The answer is […]

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Why I Hate School

I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate Spoken Word If only we could rebuild the educational system. Why I Hate School But Love Education Check out more on YouTube.


What Is The Best Way To Cook Bacon

The Answer Is Oven Baked Bacon First…. buy it! I personally try to get organic free range pig, but it’s not always an option. Believe it or not, it’s really simple and a lot easier than frying bacon in a pan. Also a lot less dangerous with minimal to no clean up making it the […]


USGS Bay Area Earthquake Map

This USGS Bay Area earthquake map site comes in handy when you can’t tell if there was an earthquake or you’re just tripping. I have compiled the best Bay Area Earthquake Map sources for you all in one here as well as a few live feeds so bookmark this page. Bay Area Earthquake Maps New […]


Meteor Shower Tonight Guide

Meteor showers are my favorite thing about the night sky so I decided to put together a listing of all of the meteor showers of 2015 for you. I was also nice enough to include info beyond that so take a read and share with others. Best Place To Watch Meteor Shower If you’re asking […]


Japan’s Great Earthquake Map Timeline

Maybe it’s time to get the eff out of Japan? This time lapse video shows a year in Japanese Earthquakes. It’s intense! You might want to skip ahead to 1:45 to get right before the big earthquake. But if you have patience then I suggest the whole thing because it explains the blip scale from […]


Is Heineken Promoting Dog Fighting? NO!

Heineken is NOT promoting Dog Fighting. If anything this is saying dog fight venue owner promotes Heineken. Heineken has released an official statement regarding the dog fight photo. This is the perfect example of a 20th Century dumbed down public Facebook SHARE FRENZY. Does anyone bother to think for themselves anymore? Someone post one line […]

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Somebody That I Used To Know Cover Parody Remix And Original Gotye

This is my favorite version, Somebodies edited by Gotye himself. Kind of a tribute to Youtube fans who helped make him famous. Somebody That I Used To Know . I’m sure you know this song by now since it’s so friggen awesome. But here are my favorite 4 versions of the Gotye song from the […]


Best Way To Cook Frozen Pizza How To

I have made too many frozen pizzas in my life to pretend I can even guess how many. But what I always did was cook the whole thing then try to cut it. I must say I found a much easier way when I decided I don’t want the whole pizza one day. First you […]

Literal Videos

Total Eclipse Of The Heart Safety Dance Biz Markie Just A Friend Meat Loaf I Will Do Anything For Love Nirvana Heart Shaped Box

yesallkids stop bullying

It’s Not Just Women #YesAllKids

I’ve seen so many memes about #YesAllWomen that I can’t hold back anymore. People, SHUT UP! I know, I get it, you’re “spreading awareness”. When you post these photos, links and memes to sketchy sourced sites do you honestly think a single person on your friends list is going to be like surprised? Unaware that […]

Kreayshawn Gucci Gucci Kreayfish Fishy Fishy Parody

If you have already seen the original skip to the parody. If you haven’t seen the original it may be hard to tell which one is making fun of which! This is the original Guci Guci by Kreayshawn. And this parody Fishy Fishy by Kreayfish. Hilarious and spot on!

drake was like hah

Drake Was LIke HAH!

This new Lil Wayne featuring Drake song is way more like Drake featuring Little Wayne. But it’s siiiick! Lil Wayne – Believe Me ft. Drake (Explicit)

MC Xander Sick Of The Lies

MC Xander Sick Of The Lies This guy builds an entire song with just his vocals and some looping equipment. It starts off slow but by the time it’s in full swing it’s pretty epic and you almost can’t believe he did it all with only his voice.