Starting Six Rap Group

starting six videos
Honestly, at first I couldn’t tell if these guys were joking or not and I really still can’t tell.
Some of their songs must be satirical but regardless I love this.
Nice bouncy beats, short simple one track flows with precise style, quit cut choppy vivid video, parties and comedy.
Play this while getting ready for work! Well that could be a bad idea because it’ll leave you wishing for the weekend.

Ok, they HAVE to be joking. This song Thirsty was the first one I ever saw. I like how they out the super short guy on a box to talk to the girl washing the car.
They are from the Bay Are and it looks like this was filmed at EL Ceritto BART or one of those up there.

Alright, I am now positive their joking but I really like their style and joking or not it’s awesome. And again here they put a short guy in a chair.

Mixin Liquor!!!!!

This here 3 day weeknd with Starting Six reminds me that my old ass can’t party like I used to. 1 day weekend!!!

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