Lake Merritt Oakland California

Here you have it! My photos of Lake Merritt from water fountains to surrounding buildings.
I hope you enjoy and featured starlearn something about Lake Merritt.
lake merritt crane
In this picture you see a Great Egret which is a common bird of Lake Merritt. You can also see from left to right The Scottish Rite Temple, The Essex, Kaiser Building, Lake Merritt Plaza, Kaiser Center as well as The Ordway which is the featured startallest building in Oakland.

lake merritt crane henry j kaiser courthouse
Here you see another Great Egret and the Oakland Alameda County Courthouse. And if you look close enough you can also see the Henry J. Kaiser Event Center which is no longer used.

lake merritt view
Here is a view from East Lake Merritt on Lakeshore Ave.

Now onto the Lake Merritt Fountains!
Lake Merritt has a series of fountains installed around the lake to aerate the water and keep it from getting stagnate and smelly.
fountain lake merritt splash pad lakeside park
This fountain is located at the top of Lake Merritt in Lakeside Park between Grand Ave and Lakeshore Ave on El Embarcadero. Right by where you can often hear the guy playing his didgeridoo.
lakeside park fountain grand ave
And this is the same fountain at the top of the Lake in the Lakeside Park area.

east 18th fountain
This fountain is located at the Plaza at the end of East 18th on Lakeshore Ave by Merritt Bakery.
I like this one because it is close to the Taco Truck and a great place to have a beer and a burrito and watch a sunset.
lake merritt fountain e 18th
This is the same fountain at E18th Ave and Lakeshore Ave on the East Lake side.

water fountain in lake merritt
This fountain is from the inner Lakeside Park area by Fairyland and the Gazebo looking out towards The Essex.

what dreams may come lake merritt
Fun fact!
Here is the very last scene from What Dreams May Come staring Robin Williams. At the end of the movie they said they will find each other again in Jersey but this was totally Lake Merritt. And before The Essex was built as you can see.
Here is the same shot with my janky cell phone sometime in 2011.
fountain in lake merritt lakeside ave
Note the new Essex, the dock is no longer there for you to go on and the water fountain has been installed.

lake chalet deck view
Here’s a better view of that building off in the distance on the East Side of the Lake near the Burrito Truck. This was taken from the deck at Lake Chalet Oakland.

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