Is Heineken Promoting Dog Fighting? NO!

Heineken is NOT promoting Dog Fighting.
If anything this is saying dog fight venue owner promotes Heineken.
Heineken has released an official statement regarding the dog fight photo.

heineken dog fight

This is the perfect example of a 20th Century dumbed down public Facebook SHARE FRENZY.
Does anyone bother to think for themselves anymore?
Someone post one line such as “Don’t drink Heineken they’re promoting dog fights” and everyone just clicks SHARE as if they are reconfirming the same statement without a second thought. This then reaches all the Clicktavists and all of their SHARE FRENZY ZOMBIE friends and then it takes off like wild fire.

Let’s take a second, use some common sense and think why we can’t just go nilly willy sharing this image with confidence stating that Heineken is promoting dog fights.
Most bars, corner stores, clubs and event venues in America have Heineken and other major beer promotional signage installed on the premises. This does not mean Heineken themselves went out to the venue, scoped it out, installed the banners and promote or support the venue. This stuff is just given away for advertising. As a venue owner, even if Heineken did not give me the promotional signage I can find it at a garage sale, venue that is closing down/remodeling, ebay, online, buy from a friend that owns another venue and so on. It is obtainable and increases alcohol sales so I would find it.
If Heineken did give it to my bar they still don’t know what I do after hours or if I run any kind of illegal operations. I could host weekly Fight Clubs or Baby Punching Rings. Heineken isn’t supporting or promoting me just because they gave my bar free signage to help maintain brand recognition in a public drinking venue.

I myself have bar mirrors with major beer companies on them, banners with beer and local sports teams and glasses and mugs from bars. So if I were to host an Old Person Kicking Competition and place a Raiders Budweiser sign does that mean Budweiser and Raiders are promoting it? NO!!!!! Stop being so lame internet people.
You’re really ruining America.

So really.
1) Just because a promotional banner is up doesn’t mean Heineken knows about it.
2) No one is even drinking beer in that picture!
3) Heineken is gross. Let’s boycott it because it sucks, not because we fell for some stupid Facebook Share Zombie Attack.
KONY 2012!!!!! < --- watch the rap Actually I could be wrong and a Heineken Representative could have been there the night before placing signage for the great advertising benefit of a dog fight. I bet the whole company was very excited about this, looking forward to it and put a lot of thought and many meetings into it. They must be promoting it. Does anyone else love this Heineken commercial as much as I do? Deep stuff. heineken supports dog fights

It’s funny to see how this article dies for long periods of time then becomes popular again out of nowhere for a few days.
All it takes is one popular idiot to paste a link to start an avalanche of idiocy.

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