Best Way To Cook Frozen Pizza How To

I have made too many frozen pizzas in my life to pretend I can even guess how many. But what I always did was cook the whole thing then try to cut it.
I must say I found a much easier way when I decided I don’t want the whole pizza one day.

cpk frozen california pizza kitchen
First you take the whole frozen pizza and place it somewhere you can easily cut. In this case it is California Pizza Kitchen‘s BBQ Recipe Chicken.
Which is BBQ chicken, smoked gouda, mozzarella cheeses and red onions. Yummmm!

cut frozen pizza
Yes, that’s right. You cut the pizza BEFORE you cook it. This way is much easier. It’s pretty rock solid yet it cuts straight, even and with ease. In fact you don’t even have to really cut all the way through because it is frozen as long as you get close enough you can break it apart with ease in a clean break.
I have since bought one of these and it makes the cutting part so simple.

oven baked frozen pizza
Now as you can see you can just place the frozen pizza directly on the oven rack.
Keep in mind you’re going to have to read the instructions on your specific brand of frozen pizza as far as oven temperature and baking times.
But the point here is you can eat 1, 2, 3 or even all 4 pieces. You don’t have to eat the whole thing though.

cook half frozen pizza
And you can take the remaining pieces, slide it back in the box and throw it in your freezer and eat later, tomorrow, whenever.

cooked oven pizza
And there you have it. No need to cut when it’s done, fresh out the oven and hot. That means you don’t have to deal with your knife dragging all the toppings and cheese across the pizza ripping it bare naked leaving a hot scolding slice of tomato bread with a mountain of toppings next to it.
Just straight up ready to eat and already cut fresh oven baked pizza.
Trust me, it’s so much easier and better.
Try it!
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If you came here looking for the best temperature, preheating, how long to cook and what rack and all that….. Can’t you just read the box your frozen pizza came out of? It has cooking instructions.
If you must know here are some defaults of mine.
I never preheat the oven ever. I turn that thing on and put the pizza right on the middle oven rack no baking sheet.
I like the middle rack with no tinfoil because you get a crunchy crust. Aluminum foil is nice and easy to take in and out though.
When the timer is done I just turn the oven off, open it and look. If I feel it needs more crunchy I close the door with the oven off and let the pizza cool down that way.
If it looks cooked enough, I open the oven door and let it cool that way.

Any questions? Tips? Dumb comments? Drop them below.

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